Establish the first  plastic manufacturing company in Hong Kong. 


Hong Kong plant moved to Shenzhen 

1998Purchased Dongguan Plant (40,000m2) and transfer from Shenzhen
2002Partner with a US company and establish ChinaMed Products (China) Limited to begin our medical device manufacturing. 
2004Expend customer base from only USA  to additional Japan market.
2008Purchased land in Zhao Qing  and transfer medical product production from Dongguan. 

Further expansion  in ZhaoQing from 70,000m2 to 119,000m2. Expanding market to Australia and China


Increase the digitalization and automation in manufacturing. Expend from OEM to OBM/ODM in Guangdong area

2019Building new production area for Class 1 and 2 medical devices. ( Class 8 and 7 clean room)

ZhaoQin ZhongLiao Medical technology

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